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Wanting to have a New Roof or Roof Repair? Thankfully you found us! As Tuckahoe Roofing Pros is here to help you!

Roofs provide you with shelter and protection. That’s why we offer a wide variety of the best Affordable Roofing Tuckahoe NY roofing services in New York City. We will exceed all of your expectations.

Here at Tuckahoe Roofing Pros, you’ll expect:

  • Reliable Services
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Affordable Prices

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Our Services

Looking for Gable Roof, Roof Repairs, Roof Shingles, or Hip Roof Tuckahoe NY. Tuckahoe Roofing Pros is here to give you all of these Roof Services. We ensure that our client’s problem gets rectified as quickly and conveniently as possible. 

Our wide range of reliable roof solutions also extends to Roofing installation and Roofing repair that ensures you can count on our team of professionals. This combination ensures you that we’re always ready to go.

Gable Roof Tuckahoe NY

Once you think of a roof this would probably picture out in your mind. A lot of people may not know what it’s called, but everyone saw a Gable Roof. A gable roof has at least one flat end called a “Gable.” Some Gable roofs are most common in Cold Climates.

One of the most famous gable roofs is the Double Gable Roof in our services. Tuckahoe Roofing Pros offer this design option for our clients who wants to design a home with high ceilings. If your style is classic or modern, whether you want something clean and simple, a Gable Roof can do it all. Call us now!

Emergency Roof Repair Tuckahoe NY

Having a problem with Roof Leaking? or has sustained localized roof storm damage due to wind, hail, or worn-out flashing? We love to repair it! We give you Emergency Roof Repair Tuckahoe NY, which will serve 24/7 around New York City

Tuckahoe Roofing Pros have years of experience and provided a lot of different solutions, such as flat roof repair, metal roofing repair, and even solutions for roof shingles for our clients. We’ll be upfront about the need for a Roof Replacement and will provide an estimate for that. Just give us a call anytime you need us!

Roof Shingles Tuckahoe NY

When it comes to your home a lot of varieties and types of roofs to choose from. Roof Shingles are the most common choice for homeowners. As a homeowner, the type of shingle you choose for your home matters more than you think.

Owens Corning Shingles Tuckahoe NY is one of the famous types of shingles roof. Tuckahoe Roofing Pros professional will be able to recommend a suitable shingle type for your specific geographical area around New York.  Live your choice of roofing shingles and Choose us!

Hip Roof Tuckahoe NY

When homeowners deciding a home frame and structure for their New Roof Installation, they usually choose the New Hip Roof style. Hip Roofs are one of the most popular in New York because of their clean, modern, design lines and incredible durability. 

For instance, hip roofs have more seams than Gambrel Roof Tuckahoe NY, making it easier for water leaks to form if the roof is not properly installed. Tuckahoe Roofing Pros offers the best Hip Roof service in Tuckahoe, NY. Contact us now!

Why Choose us?

Here at Tuckahoe Roofing Pros, we aim to be the most Trustworthy and Affordable Roofing Company in Tuckahoe NY. Our contractors regularly keep up to date with the latest training and certification programs. We love the work that we do!

Our professionals are fully prepared to get the best kind of work to be done and aims your satisfaction. We’ll provide a roofing expert to diagnose the problem and identify what you need for your roof. We will then provide a solution that fixes the problem at the source if your roof has leaks.

What Our Customers Say About Us

"Christian H."

“ I love working with Tuckahoe Roofing Pros. They did great in our roof leaks in just a short period of time. I am glad that I choose them! Highly recommended “

"Adrian R."

“ My wife wants to get a new roof and we are glad that we choose Tuckahoe Roofing Pros. We love our new Gable Roof. They are so considerate and approachable in doing their job. I would love to recommend them to our friends. “

"Ann M."

“ Our roof suddenly has leaks and it so bothering. We contact Tuckahoe Roofing Pros late at night and we are glad they came! Thanks a lot for repairing our roof. They did a Great Job! “

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