Gable Roof Tuckahoe NY

Gable Roof Tuckahoe NY

Once you think of a roof this would probably picture out in your mind. A lot of people may not know what it’s called, but everyone saw a Gable Roof. Humans have been building homes with triangle-shaped gable roofs for over 2,000 years. A Gable Roof has at least one flat end called a “Gable.” Some Gable roofs are most common in Cold Climates.

Gable Roofs is an ideal design because it has two sloping sides and a narrow ridge in the center for shedding water, debris, and snow. One of the most famous gable roofs is the Double Gable Roof in our services. 

Tuckahoe Roofing Pros offer this design option for our clients who wants to design a home with high ceilings. If your style is classic or modern, whether you want something clean and simple, a Gable Roof can do it all. 

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